How do I get help along the way?

For most non-certification students, this is largely a self-study program and it will often be necessary for you to use the available materials plus internal and external resources to solve problems on your own. However, there are also public student forums where students can help one another as they progress.

If you are in need of more direct assistance, then you will need to consider a certification program, which includes support directly from faculty and course instructors.

Bear in mind however that this option provides instructor support, which is very different from something like personal tutoring. The support option allows students to ask questions of the instructor on private course forums, to get some assistance along the way, but your studies are not specifically 'led' by the instructor. The courses will remain largely self-study in the sense that they require you to work through the provided lesson plan and the indicated material mostly by yourself, but you will also have the peace of mind of knowing you can ask the course author / instructor for help, as and when you may need it.


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